Friday, March 15, 2013

Sierra Club Launches Campaign Demanding Disclosure of California Clearcutting

By Sarah Matsumoto
Sierra Club California

Club Activists to Demand Sierra Pacific Industries Reveal Publicly Acreage Destroyed by Clearcutting

(Sacramento, CA) – Today, the Sierra Club sent a letter to Sierra Pacific Industries asking for the disclosure of specific details on the extent to which that company has engaged in the clearcutting of California forests. In conjunction with that letter, a corresponding online campaign was launched encouraging Sierra Club activists to demand the same details from Sierra Pacific via email, Twitter and Facebook.

“Sierra Pacific has made a lot of claims about how they are committed to sustainable and responsible forest management. We're asking them to prove it,” said Sarah Matsumoto, Sierra Club Senior Representative. “Clearcutting devastates California forests and wildlife habitat, threatens clean water for Californians and makes wildfires more dangerous for local communities. No company can claim to be 'sustainable' and widely engage in this practice, and Californians deserve to know the truth about whether Sierra Pacific's actions meet their rhetoric.”

The letter from Matsumoto and Kathryn Phillips, the Executive Director of Sierra Club California, requests that Sierra Pacific Industries disclose the acreage of harvesting by clearcutting over the previous five years and the acreage expected to be clearcut in the coming year. The request also asks that clearcutting be reported by county and watershed.

“Collecting and openly and clearly reporting this information on your company's website will not present an undue burden to you or your company,” write Phillips and Matsumoto. “Rather, it will add one more class of information to help consumers judge the sustainability of your harvest practices and help them determine from whom they will purchase their wood products.”

In addition, Sierra Club activists will be encouraged to ask the same questions of Sierra Pacific Industries via the company's internet presence, posting on Facebook and Twitter. TAKE ACTION

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