Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hearst Corporation planning second THP near Angel Creek and Mc Cloud Reservoir.

THP 2-13-026 SIS (Turtle PTHP) Hearst Corporation, 631 acres; 76% sanitation salvage, 23% selection logging.  Battle Creek, Angel Creek (MD: T39N R1W Sec.29, 30, 31, 32; T39N R2W Sec.24, 25).  Winter operations, moderate erosion hazard, steep slopes up to 65%, landslide terrain, road failure sites, 6 road drainage work sites, wet areas, 1 spotted owl within 1.3mi, scattered large trees.  Estimated public comment deadline: 08/17/13.

This THP is 6 miles SE of McCloud, CA in white fir, ponderosa pine, incense cedar, and Douglas fir forest.  Hearst Corporation is planning a tractor based mostly sanitation salvage logging operation with a little bit of selection logging near Angel Creek.  Angel Creek flows into the Mc Cloud River which flows into the Mc Cloud Reservoir.  There are 9 landslide areas in and around the THP including roadside debris slides, and active and dormant landslide terrain.  Tractors are planned for use on slopes exceeding 65%, and on slopes over 50% that lead without flattening before reaching a watercourse.  Hearst Corporation wants to use a landing adjacent to a class III watercourse, skid logs through a class III watercourse when dry, and use a temporary class II watercourse crossing.  6 road drainage work sites are planned including rocking, dip construction and culvert repair and cleaning.  This THP is just east of the 488 acre Hearst Corporation THP 2-13-019 SIS (Angle Creek PTHP) which was first advertised in May 2013.   More information is available on the THP Tracking Center website.

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