Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Roseburg Resources Company adding more clearcuts east of Mc Cloud, CA.

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THP 2-13-074 SIS (Leg THP) Roseburg Resources Company, 603 acres; 88% clearcut, 10% meadow restoration, 2% roadside logging.  North Fork Bear Creek, Middle Bear Creek (MD: T39N R2E Sec.2; T40N R2E Sec.21, 22, 26, 27, 28, 34, 35).  Winter operations, low erosion hazard, slopes up to 50%, 19 road drainage work sites, herbicides, goshawk nest within 200 feet, Sandhill crane sightings within .5 mi, willow flycatcher near haul road, long haired star tulip, scattered large trees.  Estimated public comment deadline: 11/25/13.

This THP is about 3.4 miles north of the town of Pondosa, CA in the Mc Cloud/Mt Shasta region at an elevation of 4,320 to 5,080 feet.  Roseburg Resources Company is planning a mostly clearcut tractor based logging operation in Douglas fir, white fir, ponderosa pine, incense cedar, sugar pine and lodgepole pine forest.  This THP will add another 603 acres, to the 604 acres of new clear cuts proposed in Roseburg Resource Company’s adjacent Gam THP 2-13-048 SIS and Paw THP 2-13-049 SIS (See Roseburg Resources Company planning a pair of clearcutting THPs east of Mc Cloud.) THPs. The THP also includes the use heavy equipment on 61 acres to remove conifers encroaching on seasonal wet meadows and aspen groves.  19 road drainage sites are planned for work including rocking, dip construction and road abandonment. There is a goshawk nest site within 200 feet of unit 2706, and greater sandhill cranes have been seen at Tom Young Flat and within .5 miles of THP units.  Willow flycatchers and their habitat exists along the Bear Creek Bridge and haul road.  2 populations of long haired star tulip were found in units 3402 and 3508A. More information is available on the THP Tracking Center website.

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