Monday, July 28, 2014

Campbell Timberlands to clearcut log near Bartle, CA and the Pacific Crest Trail.

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THP 2-14-047 SIS (Shady Raccoon THP) Campbell Timberlands, 491 acres; 82% clearcut, 12% commercial thinning, 5% selection, 1% roadside logging.  Raccoon Creek, Tate Creek (MD: T39N R1E Sec.7, 18, 19, 29, 31).  Winter operations, high erosion hazard, steep slopes up to 75%, 11 road drainage work sites, oversized units, herbicides, pacific crest trail, 2 spotted owls within 1.3 mi, fisher and goshawk sightings nearby, snowshoe hare within 1 mi, trees over 24” dbh.  Estimated public comment deadline: 08/31/14. VIEW

This THP is about a dozen miles SE of McCloud, CA and about 3.5 miles SW of the town of Bartle, CA and Highway 89.  Campbell Timberlands is planning a mostly clearcut tractor and cable logging operation in Douglas fir, ponderosa pine, sugar pine, incense cedar, white fir and red fir forests at an elevation of 3,880 to 6,120 feet. The Pacific Crest Trail is located within .25 mi of units 3106 and 3111 within section 31.  Campbell timberlands is proposing 317 acres of so-called "variable retention clearcutting" units which retains conifers under 5" dbh, unmerchantable snags, large woody debris, etc in addition to the 86 acres of regular clearcutting. They want to use tractors in areas designated as cable logging units to provide tail holds, pull trees away from streams, and to construct fire lines.  They also want to use tractors on steep slopes between 50% and 65% grade that do not flatten before reaching a watercourse within unit 3112. Eleven road drainage sites are planned for work including rocking, dip construction and culvert repair/replacement. According to Campbell Timberlands, The THP area contains 2 invalidated spotted owl sites within 1.3 mi - in 2013, a spotted owl was detected but determined to be foraging from outside of the THP area. More information is available on the THP Tracking Center website.

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