Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sierra Pacific Industries to clearcut log on steep and unstable slopes SE of Castella, CA.

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THP 2-14-055 SHA (Hazard THP) Sierra Pacific Industries, 466 acres; 99% clearcut, 1% roadside logging.  Lower South Fork Sacramento R. (MD: T37N R4W Sec.1, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 23, 24).  Winter operations, high erosion hazard, steep slopes up to 70%, landslide terrain, road failure site, west girard roadless area, herbicides, 3 spotted owls within 1.3mi, slender false lupine, shasta limestone monkeyflower, trees up to 36" dbh.  Estimated public comment deadline: 09/18/14.  VIEW

This THP is about 4 miles SE of Castella, CA and Interstate 5 at an elevation of 2,000 to 3,600 feet.  Sierra Pacific Industries is planning a tractor and cable clearcut logging operation on steep slopes in mixed conifer forests.  The THP area is near the I-5 corridor and drains into the South Fork of the Sacramento River which flows into Lake Shasta.  Section 24 is adjacent to the West Girard Roadless Area.  There is a rotational slide 75 feet by 50 feet located at the head of a steep swale in cable unit 15B, and a cut bank failure at a road crossing in section 15. Slender false lupine was found in cable unit 14B, and Shasta limestone monkeyflower was found in cable unit 15C.  For spotted owl site SHA0060; this THP will remove 30 acres of low quality foraging habitat within 1.3 mi. More information is available on the THP Tracking Center website.

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