Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Roseburg Resources Company to log on steep and unstable slopes near Castle Craig's State Park

THP 2-14-057 SHA (Ammirati THP) Roseburg Resources Company, 253 acres; 49% transition, 42% group selection, 5% special, 4% no-harvest, 1% roadside logging.  Sweetbrier Creek, Lower Soda Creek, Lower Castle Creek (MD: T38N R4W Sec.15, 21, 22).  Winter operations, moderate erosion hazard, steep slopes over 65%, landslide terrain, road failure sites, 13 road drainage work sites, near Castle Craig's State Park, osprey nests within .25 mi, 8 fisher sightings within 1.3 mi, pacific tailed frog sighting within 1 mi, foothill yellow legged frog sighting, rattlesnake fern, scattered large trees.  Estimated public comment deadline: 09/27/14.  VIEW

This THP is adjacent to the town of Castella, CA and I-5 and just south of Castle Craig's State Park.  Roseburg Resources Company is planning a tractor based logging operation in Douglas fir, ponderosa pine, sugar pine, white fir and incense cedar forests at an elevation of 2,000 to 3,200 feet.  The THP area contains 46 landslide terrain sites including debris slides, debris flows, earth flows and inner gorge features. There are 4 unstable areas including a large slide complex west of the THP area, an unstable area below an existing truck road, an old fill slope failure below a road, and an unstable area at the head of a class III (intermittent) watercourse.  Roseburg Resources Company is planning to use an existing road in a class II (mid-sized stream) watercourse, and an existing landing inside a class III (intermittent) watercourse.  They also want to use heavy equipment on steep slopes over 65% in an area that has high voltage power lines.  13 road drainage sites are planned for work including rocking, dip construction and culvert repair and replacement.  75 individual rattlesnake fern plants were found inside the THP area out of a population of 140 plants.  This area and an area near Etna, CA are the only locations in California where these plants are found, and this THP may result in the destruction of 5 individual plants.  8 fisher sightings were reported within 1.3 mi; including 4 sightings .5 mi away at Castle Craig's State Park, and 1 sighting .5 mi away on USFS land.  An osprey nest is located .25 mi north and south of the THP area in section 22, and a foothill yellow legged frog was seen in section 21. More information is available on the THP Tracking Center website.

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