Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Mendocino Redwood Company to log in marbled murrelet stands near Rockport and the Pacific Ocean.

PANORAMIC Photo By Winst1966
THP 1-14-134 MEN (Rockport West THP) Mendocino Redwood Company, 441 acres; 60% group selection, 13% selection, 10% special, 8% variable retention, 7% transition, 3% seed tree logging.  Cottaneva Creek (MD: T22N R18W Sec.13, 14, 23, 24, 25, 26).  Winter operations, high erosion hazard, steep slopes up to 85%, landslide terrain, 4 road failure sites, 52 road drainage work sites, herbicides, coho watershed, 3 spotted owls within .7 mi, osprey within .7 mi, marbled murrelet habitat in units 2 and 3, 5 sensitive plant species, trees up to 50" dbh.  Estimated public comment deadline: 01/15/15. VIEW

This THP is .25 miles west of Rockport, CA and between Highway 1 and the Pacific Ocean at an elevation of 20 to 900 feet elevation.  Mendocino Redwood Company is planning a tractor and cable logging operation on steep and unstable slopes in redwood, Douglas fir and grand fir forests.  The THP area contains 40 landslide terrain sites including steep inner gorges, debris slides, disrupted ground, block slides, earthflows and rockslides.  There are 4 road failure sites including bank cracking, fill failures and cutbank failures.  Mendocino Redwood Company wants to use a skid trail on an unstable area, and use skid trails on slopes over 50% grade with a high erosion hazard and/or on steep slopes over 65% grade.  They also want to use 4 existing landings and short segments of existing skid trails within class I and class II watercourses.  52 road drainage sites are planned for work including rocking, dip construction, ditch cleaning and culvert repair/replacement. There is an osprey nest at Kimball Gulch (within 2,500 feet of the THP boundary) and marbled murrelet habitat in units 2 and 3, and inside the MRC Demonstration Forest to the north of the plan area.  White flowered rein orchid was found in units 2 and 7, leafy stemmed mitrewort was found in unit 2, nodding semaphore grass was found in unit 2, maple leaf checkerbloom was found in unit 4, and long beard lichen was found in unit 7.  For spotted owl nesting territory MD576; this THP will remove 155 acres of nesting/roosting habitat within .7 mi, for spotted owl nesting territory MD110; this THP will remove 62 acres of nesting/roosting habitat within .7 mi and for spotted owl nesting territory MD428; this THP will remove 1 acre of nesting/roosting habitat within .7 mi. More information is available on the THP Tracking Center website.

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