Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sierra Pacific Industries to clearcut log near Paradise Lake NE of Chico, CA.

THP 2-16-029 BUT (Mosquito THP) Sierra Pacific Industries, 960 acres; 33% clearcut, 32% fuelbreak, 28% commercial thin, 7% selection, 1% seed tree, misc roadside logging. Little West Fork, Timbered Crater, Forks of Butte, Mosquito Creek (MD: T23N R3E Sec.1, 12; T23N R4E Sec.5, 6, 7, 8, 18; T24N R3E Sec.13, 24, 25, 26, 35, 36; T24N R4E Sec.18, 19, 31).  Winter operations, high erosion hazard, slopes up to 50%, 4 unstable areas, 21 road drainage work sites, impaired 303.d watershed, oversized units, herbicides, CA spotted owl, pacific fisher, osprey, sharp shinned hawk, 5 sensitive plant species, scattered large trees. Estimated public comment deadline: 08/14/16. VIEW

This THP is about a dozen miles NE of Chico, CA near Paradise Lake and Stirling City at an elevation of 2,560 to 3,600 feet.  Sierra Pacific Industries is planning a mostly clearcut and fuel break tractor and cable logging operation in ponderosa pine, sugar pine, white fir, Douglas fir and incense cedar forests.  There are 4 unstable areas including 2 areas of hydraulic mining wash, an unstable area on PID property, and a possible soapstone mining area.  SPI wants to construct 100 feet of skid trail through a watercourse area adjacent to Paradise Lake in section 18, and re-construct a seasonal spur road and drafting pad near a class I (year round) watercourse, and a seasonal spur road and drafting pad near a class II (mid sized) watercourse.  21 road drainage sites are planned for work including rocking, dip construction, culvert repair/replacement and restoration of washed out crossings.  There is 1 osprey nest adjacent to Paradise Lake Dam, and an unoccupied historic osprey nesting snag in unit 500.  Two pacific fisher denning sites are located approximately 1 mile away in sections 7 and 32, and one sharp shinned hawk nest is located within unit 500-T in section 12.  Six CA spotted owl nesting territories are located within 1.3 miles of the THP area.  There were 5 sensitive plant species reported including: butte county morning glory found in sections 26, 35, true’s manzanita found in sections 6, 35, Sanborn’s onion found in section 12, butte county fritillary found in sections 12, 7 and cascara buckthorn found in section 12.

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