Monday, January 15, 2018

Green Diamond Resource Company to clearcut log SE of Orick, CA.

PANORAMIO Photo By wesuk79
THP 1-17-136 HUM (Roach/Johnson THP) Green Diamond Resource Company, 348 acres; 57% clearcut, 18% selection, 13% no-harvest, 10% commercial thin, 2% roadside logging.  Upper Roach Creek (HUM: T9N R2E Sec.2, 3; T10N R2E Sec.33, 34, 35, 36).  Wet weather operations, moderate erosion hazard, steep slopes over 65%, steep roads, landslide terrain, road failure sites, 33 road drainage work sites, impaired 303.d watershed, herbicides, coho watershed, spotted owl, golden eagle, southern torrent salamander, tailed frog, trees up to 30” dbh.  Estimated public comment deadline: 01/22/18. VIEW

This THP is about 8 miles SE of Orick, CA and about 12 miles NE of Trinidad, CA near the eastern boundary of Redwood National Park at an elevation of 1,000 to 2,200 feet.  Green Diamond Resource Company is planning a mostly clearcut tractor and cable logging on steep and unstable slopes in redwood and Douglas fir forests.  The THP area flows into the Lower Klamath River which is listed as an impaired watershed for sediment, temperature, dissolved oxygen and nutrients. There are unstable areas in units C, D, E, G, H, J, I including; multiple road related fill failures and cut bank failures throughout the THP area, 6 small to medium sized deep seated landslide terrain sites in unit D, and 3 shallow rapid landslide terrain sites in unit D. Green Diamond Resource Company is proposing to re-construct an existing road that crosses an unstable area in units C and D, and re-construct a segment of road on steep slopes over 65% grade between units C and D.  33 road drainage sites are planned for work including rocking, dip construction, ditch cleaning, culvert repair/replacement and restoration of washed out crossings.  Golden eagles were spotted within .5 miles of the THP area, and tailed frogs have been spotted within 300 feet of unit F.  Southern torrent salamanders were reported to be inside unit E, and within 400 feet of units B, H and J.

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