Saturday, February 3, 2018

Sierra Pacific Industries to log trees up to 42” dbh NE of Trinity Lake.

PANORAMIC Photo By backmans
THP 2-18-001 TRI (Devils THP) Sierra Pacific Industries, 448 acres; 73% shelterwood, 26% sanitation salvage, 1% roadside logging. Grouse Lake, Halls Gulch, Watson Creek (MD: T37N R6W Sec.21).  Winter operations, moderate erosion hazard, steep slopes up to 55%, impaired 303.d watershed, bonanza king roadless area, herbicides, spotted owl, foothill yellow legged frog, cascade frog, 3 sensitive plant species, trees up to 42” dbh.  Estimated public comment deadline: 02/17/18. VIEW

This THP is about 8 miles NE of Trinity Center, CA and about 4 miles NE of Lake Trinity at an elevation of 5,360 to 6,680 feet by the Bonanza King Roadless Area.  Sierra Pacific Industries is planning a shelterwood and sanitation salvage tractor based logging operation in Douglas fir, white fir, red fir, incense cedar, sugar pine, western white pine and Port Orford cedar.  A cascade frog was reported to be within a harvest unit in section 21, and also located within 4,394 from the nearest harvest unit in section 15.  A foothill yellow legged frog was reported to be 6,817 feet from the nearest unit in section 9, and a northern spotted owl was detected in 2016. Klamath manzanita was found in section 21, Congdon’s buckwheat was found in section 21, and Scott Mountain phacelia was found in section 21.

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