Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Sierra Pacific Industries to clearcut log trees up to 50” dbh north of Trinity Lake.

Google Earth Photo By Adam Berryman
THP 2-18-159 TRI (Rip Van THP) Sierra Pacific Industries, 467 acres; 85% clearcut, 15% selection logging. Big Bear Lake, Rainshorn Creek (MD: T38N R7W Sec 1, 11; T39N R6W Sec 31; T39N R7W Sec 35).  Winter operations, high erosion hazard, steep slopes up to 75%, landslide terrain, road failure sites, 15 road drainage work sites, impaired 303.d watershed, oversized units, herbicides, spotted owl, northern goshawk, foothill yellow legged frog, 9 sensitive plant species, trees up to 50 “ dbh.  Estimated public comment deadline: 01/15/19. SUBMIT COMMENTS,  VIEW THP

This THP is about 15 miles SW of Mt. Shasta, CA and about 14 miles north of Lake Trinity and Trinity Center, CA at an elevation of  3,200 to 5,800 feet.  Sierra Pacific Industries is planning a mostly clearcut tractor and cable logging operation on steep and unstable slopes in Douglas fir, ponderosa pine, incense cedar, white fir and sugar pine forests.  There are 5 unstable areas including; 2 landslide terrain sites, and 3 road related cut slope and fill failures.  SPI is planning to use ground based equipment on steep slopes exceeding 65% on existing skid trails, use 3 existing landings inside class II (mid sized) watercourse areas, and use ground based equipment in areas designated for cable logging on existing skid trails in units 102, 103 and 3102.  15 road drainage sites are planned for work including rocking, dip construction, ditch cleaning and culvert repair/replacement. Foothill yellow legged frogs and northern goshawk were observed just outside of the THP area. Nine sensitive plant species were identified including; threadleaf beardtongue in unit 1102, Cascade grass of Parnassus in Meter Meadow, Oregon fireweed and California ladyslipper in Meter Meadow (between units 3503 and 3504), Klamath manzanita in units 3101, 3102 and 3103, citrus fawn lily in units 101, 3501 and 3503, California pitcher plant just outside of unit 1105, Congdon’s buckwheat in units 102, 103, 1102, 1104, 3102 and 3501, and slender goldbanner in unit 1105.  There are 2 spotted owl nesting territories within 1.3 miles of the THP area.

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  1. Cutting these trees is the worst thing that can be done ,this should be illegal!