Thursday, February 6, 2020

Green Diamond Resource Company to clearcut log SE of Crescent City, CA.

PANORAMIC Photo By blacksilverfan12
THP 1-20-004 DEL (H 400 THP) Green Diamond Resource Company, 144 acres; 68% clearcut, 23% selection, 7% no-harvest, 1% roadside logging. Upper West Fork Hunter Creek (HUM: T15N R01E Sec 33, 34, 35).  Wet weather operations, moderate erosion hazard, steep slopes up to 65%, landslide terrain, 13 road drainage work sites, impaired 303.d watershed, herbicides, coho watershed, spotted owl, marten, sharp shinned hawk, foothill yellow legged frog, scattered large trees.  Estimated public comment deadline: 02/18/20. SUBMIT COMMENTS,  VIEW THP

This THP is about 6 miles SE of Crescent City, CA and about 8 miles north of Klamath, CA at an elevation of 100 to 900 feet.  Green Diamond Resource Company is planning a mostly clearcut tractor and cable logging operation on steep and unstable slopes in redwood, Douglas fir and western hemlock forests. The THP area flows into the Lower Klamath River which is listed as an impaired watershed for sediment, temperature, dissolved oxygen and nutrients.  There are shallow rapid landslide terrain sites in units B, C and D.  Green Diamond Resource Company is planning to use temporary roads and landings during the winter period, construct a segment of temporary road (75 feet) inside a class II (mid sized) watercourse area in unit B, and construct a segment of temporary road (75 feet) inside a class II (mid sized) watercourse area in unit B. 13 road drainage sites are planned for work including rocking, dip construction, ditch cleaning, culvert repair/replacement and restoration of washed out crossings. The THP area is located within Marten Special Management Area (MSMA) Tract 71 where martens have been detected. In 2011, a sharp shinned hawk nest was observed 90 feet west of the H10 haul road, and foothill yellow legged frogs are known to occur in Hunter Creek. There are spotted owl nesting territories within .25 miles of units A, B, C and D.


  1. This proposed logging will greatly impact our sediment in our river, and put at risk mulitple wildlife habitats including endangered species. I do not agree with this proposed logging, and do not think it should be approved.

  2. There is no economical reason to clear cut in Del Norte. Those days are over. It's time to move on and truly put our environment first.

  3. Please do NOT do this. These trees provide not only a habitat for innumerable animals, they are also vital for our environment. Del Norte County is a carbon sink, and it should remain that way. This action will cause terrible damage. Please, please, please don't destroy our beautiful home.

  4. Please, no further decimation of our precious habitat and unique bio system. The days of plundering every last bit of beauty for pure greed and no consideration of the aftermath should be relegated to the pages of history. Enough already. We need to change our relationship to our environment so that there is a future, for any of us, here on planet earth.

  5. Always a mistake, please learn from the blunders in other places; expect flooding, mud/land slides and loss of plant and animal diversity.
    Forests manage water systems.